It All Starts With The Plant.

Good material in, great product out. That’s why every batch of Lucid begins with top quality cannabis grown by some of the most capable and respected names in the industry. To put it simply, we believe that top quality concentrates should be produced from top quality material.

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Extraction Is One Step, But It Shouldn’t Be The Only Step.

Most cannabis concentrates on the market today are produced using a single method of extraction. While effective at pulling cannabinoids from plant material, these extractions also contain compounds undesirable for inhalation, including; wax, lipids, nutrients, pesticides, chemical solvents, and more.


We Molecularly Refine Lucid To An Unrivaled Level of Quality & Purity.

Lucid products are refined post extraction using a unique process of fractional distillation. By utilizing the correct combinations of temperature and pressure, we are able to molecularly separate and collect the cannabinoids found within crude cannabis extract while simultaneously leaving behind the many chemical compounds unfit for inhalation.



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The Results Are Simply Exquisite.

Free of solvents, waxes, or any other type of harmful impurity and testing at up to 99% activated cannabinoids. Lucid is a concentrate of the highest quality, balanced by the true, strain-specific terpenes essential for a proper entourage experience.


Strain Specific Cannabis Terpenes.

Not all terpenes are equal. Utilizing a proprietary process of targeted extraction, we separate and collect the unique mood and effect inducing terpenes found within each cannabis strain. Clean and pure, these terpenes are reintroduced into our refined oil, providing the most 'true to strain' experience possible in a vape cartridge.


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Lucid Vape

Leading Vaporization Technology

All Lucid vaporizer cartridges utilize industry leading CCELL Technology to ensure the cleanest and safest vaping experience possible. With an all glass body, organic cotton wick, and a design free of silicone or epoxies, we've redefined what a prefilled vaporizer cartridge should be.